PolypDx™ for Patients

Ever wonder how great it would be to have an easy-to-use test for colorectal cancer screening?

Stop wondering.

PolypDx™ is the first and only urine-based test with a high accuracy for detection of precancerous polyps - the precursor to colorectal cancer.


Colorectal Cancer remains one of the biggest cancer killers in the world.

It is the 4th most commonly diagnosed cancer and the 3rd leading cause of cancer death in the United States [ACS]. The majority (60%) of these cancers and deaths could be prevented by applying existing knowledge about cancer prevention, increasing the use of screening tests, and ensuring that all patients receive timely, standard treatment with removal of polyps by colonoscopy [MEE].

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The power of prevention

Regular screening is one of the most powerful weapons for prevention. Regular screening has the potential to prevent colorectal cancer by detecting precancerous polyps in the colon and rectum. How? Because most polyps can be found and removed by colonoscopy before they develop into cancer. Early detection and ease of use are key distinguishing factors for a screening test in the prevention of colorectal cancer.




Removal of polyps - the key to preventing colorectal cancer

Polyps can develop into cancer, but not all do. Before a cancer develops, a growth of tissue or tumor usually begins as a non-cancerous polyp in the inner lining of the colon or rectum. The risk of developing into cancer depends on the kind of polyp. Adenomatous polyps are polyps that have the potential to develop into cancer.

FACT: Most colorectal cancers develop slowly over several years, with 85% of cases developing from adenomatous polyps.

PolypDx™ makes prevention of colorectal cancer possible

PolypDx™ is the first and only urine-based screening test with a high accuracy for detection of precancerous, adenomatous polyps. In a Canadian-based clinical trial of 1000 patients, PolypDx™ demonstrated significantly higher accuracy than current fecal-based screening test to detect adenomatous polyps.

Once screened, patients with a positive result and presenting a risk of adenomatous polyps can be directed to a colonoscopy during which the adenomatous polyps can be removed, thus preventing the progression into colorectal cancer. Those patients with negative results can continue with regular repeated screening with PolypDx™, and give themselves a peace of mind.

How does PolypDx™ work?

PolypDx™ is a urine-based screening test. Only a small amount of urine is required. The test detects a distinct metabolomic fingerprint specific to precancerous, adenomatous polyps.


PolypDx™ is

  • Fast and simple - just a small urine sample is required
  • Accurate in detecting adenomatous polyps, the precursor to colorectal cancer
  • Requires no advanced preparation (eg. fasting, diet, bowel cleansing)
  • A cancer prevention screening test
  • An easy, patient-friendly test

How do I order the test?

The website ( is intended for information only. It is not intended to provide medical advice and it is not an offer to purchase or otherwise use PolypDx™. PolypDx™ is not available to order at this time.