Dr. Haili Wang and patient provide a testimonial for PolypDx™

Dr. Haili Wang, Colorectal Surgeon at the University of Alberta Hospital and co-founder of Metabolomic Technologies Inc. speaks to the advantages of PolypDx™, the first and only urine screen for detecting pre-cancerous polyps for colorectal cancer.

Gloria McFarlane, an increased risk patient for colorectal cancer, describes why she should get screened for colorectal cancer and why she would prefer to use PolypDx™ for its simplicity.


Hear about EC's story

Meet EC, a 53 year old, who had never been screened for colorectal cancer. EC should be screened, in fact, he should have been screened earlier, at age 40, as his father had colorectal cancer. His doctor had encouraged him several times to screen with a colonoscopy. He even booked the colonoscopy and canceled it due to a busy work schedule and anxiety he felt about the invasive procedure.

When EC’s wife told him about the PolypDx™ test, he took the urine screen that detects polyps, the precursor to colorectal cancer. “Once I got the positive result on the PolypDx, I was much more inclined to go to have the polyps removed. I had four removed during my colonoscopy. I don’t know when I would have scheduled the colonoscopy otherwise.”

Taking the PolypDx™ test drove EC to proceed with getting a colonoscopy and potentially prevented him from getting colorectal cancer.