A Visionary and a Leader- The Passing of Dr. Richard Fedorak

It is with great sadness that MTI received the news that Dr. Richard Fedorak passed away today. Dr. Fedorak was the Co-Founder, President and Chief Medical Officer of Metabolomic Technologies Inc. He was a leader and a visionary for our company.

His vision was that we can one day rid the world of colorectal cancer.  In 2008, this vision led to the innovation of our lead product PolypDx™.  Dr. Fedorak and our co-founder, Dr. Haili Wang, had an idea to develop an easier, and non-invasive way to detect colorectal cancer in its earliest form.

Dr. Fedorak always pushed the boundaries of innovation, and in true entrepreneurial spirit, spun out the company of Metabolomic Technologies Inc.  He truly believed that the only way he could make a difference to the world, was to get this test into the hands of doctors and patients through commercial means. Our team at MTI shared in his vision, and will continue to take on the challenge of bringing this innovation to patients all around the world.  In us and our company, his legacy will live on.

The MTI team will miss him greatly and we extend our sincere condolences and thoughts to Dr. Fedorak’s family and loved ones. Karen, Kristin and Bryan, our thoughts and prayers are with you at this difficult time.