MTI Establishes a Medical Advisory Board for PolypDx™

We are very happy to announce a new Medical Advisory Board for PolypDx™.  Members of this Advisory Board will help position PolypDx™ internationally, in their respective medical fields.  We are excited to have such notable advisors, giving PolypDx™ the largest impact on the fight against colorectal cancer.  PolypDx™ will give practitioners all around the world another option in the way we screen for colorectal cancer.

Read more about:

Dr. Richard Fedorak, MD, FRCPC, FRCP (London), 

Dr. Franklin G. Berger, Director, Center for Colon Cancer Research, University of South Carolina, 

Dr. Robert J. Bailey, MD & Clinical Professor of Medicine, and 

Dr. Bo Jiang, MD & Professor, Tsinghua University Clinical Medical College here.